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Men's Morning

Thursdays @ 6:00a

Join us for a time of prayer and study focusing on either the Bible itself or a book which develops a specific aspect of living the Christian life.


Ladies' Bible Study

Wednesdays @ 6:30p

Join us for a time of connection and discussion resulting in an understanding of God’s nature and character.

Youth Ministry

Wednesdays @ 6:30p

Join us as we take our faith to the next level! We believe every student is created to find hope and joy by walking faithfully with Jesus.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is our music like?

We believe that worship should be about God. While this may seem obvious, we see a distinction between songs that are God centered, celebrating who God is and songs that are man centered, celebrating our belief or feelings about God. While we should praise God for His many blessings, we believe that centering our hearts on God’s character is better for spiritual growth. We generally seek to have a contemporary/traditional mix of songs incorporating modern songs with the beloved hymns.

What should you wear when you come on Sunday morning?

We’re not concerned with how you’re dressed. We have shorts wearers, jeans wearers, and we’ve even seen a suit from time to time; but most of the people seem to wear casual attire like you might wear to go out to eat.

What about your children?

We desire to give families the option as to how they want to worship. Children are welcome to stay with their parents for the entire worship service. We also provide the following: For infants up to 1 year old, we have a staffed nursery and cry room. For ages 2-3 we have a separate staffed toddler room.  After our congregational singing time, children ages 4-8 are excused to their own special program called King’s Kids. It is our opinion that children 9 years and older are best served by staying and listening to God’s word through the preaching.

What are our sermons like?

We believe the Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to aid mankind in knowing Him and is therefore applicable to all areas of our lives today. In most sermon series, we walk through a book of the bible or an extended passage of scripture looking to develop an understanding of the author’s intent and how we can apply that understanding in a practical, relevant way. On occasion, we will deal with a subject topically, such as prayer, marriage and Heaven. Our sermons always strive to convince you that God’s word is “Bullseye true” and leave you committed to living in light of who God is.

Are guests recognized during the service?

We don’t want to put anyone on the spot or embarrass anyone. We do have a time at the end of the service when we ask if we have visitors with us today. Some like to say “hello” and some don’t. We give you the option. We hope that you will stop by and say, “Hi!” to our Pastor. He is usually standing at a table in the back during the fellowship time.

How long is the service?

Our worship service usually wraps up around an hour. Sunday School around 45 minutes.

How big is the church?

Attendance is normally around 200. Big enough to give the feeling of a congregation, but small enough so that you can know most everyone’s name.